Our Personalized Email Marketing Strategy

PS Digitise is one of the best email marketing companies in the industry, and we personalize our email campaign services to fit the requirements of our clients and their expectations. Depending on the client’s marketing goals and budget we provide different email marketing services that influence your marketing success. We set up email marketing campaigns based on the global standards of online marketing. We keep in trend with the constant evolution in email marketing and adapt to emerging changes. We keep an eye on these market changes and devise a strategy that gives promising ROI.


Meet & Brief


Analyse the brand


Conceptualise the design


Sketch it out


Refine and Finalise


Design handover

Significance of E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is the most effective form of direct marketing and plays a significant role in increasing brand visibility and brand awareness among consumers. This is a simple and effective way of reaching a large audience base and acquiring big customers through it.

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Easy To Kick Start

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Cost-effective Marketing

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Increased Brand Recognition

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Guaranteed Consumer Engagement

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Quick Impact On the Audience

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Quantifiable Results

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Reach Wider Audience

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Build Customer Credibility

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Improve Customer Relationship

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Drive More Web Traffic

Facts to know

Though SEO & SEM are the most popular elements of a digital strategy, sending direct emails to the clients still seems to be the best way to keep in touch with the clients and a successful part of an online marketing campaign. These could be in the form of promotional ads, new launches, discount offers, etc. Businesses can send personalized or group emails to their existing or potential customers and expand their customer base.


of B2B marketers generate high ROI with email marketing


of businesses target their customers with email advertisements


of consumers check their emails daily


of consumers buy from marketing emails once a month


of businesses increase customer retention with email marketing


of business professionals use emails for communication

Power up your marketing campaigns with our exceptional email marketing services

It’s all about authentic and promising messages that focus on your target customers’ beliefs, values, and thoughts. Email Marketing is a popular digital marketing strategy that Thousands of businesses around the world use to create brand recognition, boost sales and improve business’ online visibility. It also helps to build a loyal community centering around your brand. We are a goal-focused agency and with our reputed services, we make sure that the email designs we craft are capable of customer engagement and drive conversion. Our email marketing company creates pre-designed templates and new designs, we offer cost-effective email marketing solutions that connect with your prospective customers directly and engage them, thereby boosting your company’s online visibility and conversion business. With our best email marketing services, we help companies to send automated and personalized marketing emails that contain messages about brand promotions and announcements. We design the right content for the right customer at the right time to make a positive impact on the email marketing campaign.

Best SEO Services in Trichy
Best SEO Services in Trichy

How We Make Customers From ‘Browse-To-Buy’?

PS Digitise is a leading email marketing agency offering the best email service in India. We offer cost-effective, efficient, and customizable end-to-end solutions for all business verticals based on their business requirements. Email Marketing is also a form of multi-channel marketing that we offer by creating a customized strategy towards an integrated marketing approach that includes attractive design and proper content. This leads to a strong online presence, boosting the visibility of your brand, and driving more traffic to the business.

  • Expert Marketing Team
  • Improve Brand Visibility
  • Result-oriented Strategy
  • Create Personalized Emails
  • Latest Marketing Tools
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Adopting Latest Trends
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Boost Online Sales
  • 24*7 Extensive Support