No-code tools are not designed to substitute developers; their purpose is to empower non-technical founders in transforming their ideas into reality. No-code tools are impressive, bridging the divide between creativity and skill while significantly simplifying our lives. However, the recent entry of AI has further revolutionized the no-code landscape. PS Digitise LLP offers innovative AI solutions for advanced website design and development.

Today, I'll guide you in transforming a basic prototype into a complete website without the need for code or opening Figma/Photoshop. Let our AI bots handle the intricate work, piecing together all components of this remarkable puzzle. Ah, the joys of our time at least until AI bots gain consciousness and surpass us humans, but that's a tale for another day.

How Web designing using AI

Before diving into the editor, there are two essential steps when crafting AI generated website design. Start by generating a page structure with a AI tool. Next, utilize ChatGPT to create content, and finally, integrate design and content seamlessly to form a cohesive web layout.

The Three Essential Steps Are:

  1. Creating a Webpage layout : Every web application and site originates from an idea, and now, turning your concept into reality is more straightforward than ever. Begin by designing a high-fidelity layout for your upcoming webpage, and consider employing the text-to-image AI generator tool for assistance. Users provide a text prompt and receive a visual representation of their concept generated by AI tool. While many use the AI tool for website imagery, it's equally effective for crafting web layouts.
  2. Content Generation for the Website : ChatGPT helps in content writing like crafting marketing copy, product descriptions, or even the entire content for a webpage. ChatGPT creates comprehensive content for the landing page, encompassing error and success messages for visitor interactions. Just open the ChatGPT OpenAI and get content for your header, tagline, about us, products/services, blogs, forums, contact us, etc. While I needed to validate and refine the text in certain areas, the tool significantly accelerated my design process, yielding excellent overall results.
  3. Transforming our design into a fully functional website : After finalizing the page design and content, utilize AI tool to create website page. Once you've outlined the page structure, copy and paste visual elements, such as AI generated shoe images, and populate content blocks with text provided by ChatGPT.

Which Pages are Crucial for an AI-Powered Website?

With a revolutionary AI website maker incredible tool anyone can create a website. Be it a beginner or experienced user, it’s great to complete the job as it simplifies the process of creating a website. Here is some must-have pages that your website need to possess:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us
  3. Products/Services
  4. Portfolio
  5. Blogs/Forums
  6. Contact Us

Future Scope of AI Website Builder:

  1. Crafting Your Website Has Become Significantly Simpler.
  2. High-Quality Websites Without the Hefty Price Tag
  3. Where Your Concepts Spring to Life
  4. Formulating Your Brand in Your Unique Style
  5. Enter the Digital World with Ease
  6. A Platform for Your Brand's Narrative

Thanks for taking your precious time to read this blog and I hope you all like it!

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