Your company website is presumably the most valuable marketing resource for your business to drive your success in this digital age. Your website is the face of your business and its attractive design and interface make long lasting impression on its users. According to a survey, 81% of internet users assume less of a business if the website is not updated and 42% of the users think twice before choosing a product or service if it’s not attractive and user-friendly.

If your website is not updated, has slow-loading pages, or lacks any functionality that poses a challenge in driving website traffic and leads then its time to revisit and re-evaluate your website design. Get website redesign services from reputable website design companies to revamping website.

So What Is Website Redesign?

In the contemporary technology era, the website is critical to any business that needs growth and sustainability. So to give a fresh look and feel to your website, significant changes need to be made to the overall website structure, design, colours, content, layout, navigation, content management, etc. that offers to achieve accelerated metrics of success.

Reasons Your Website Requires Re-Design:

1. Inconsistencies Across your Brand : Organizations keep changing their branding from time-to-time by the evolving market and the target audience. Therefore it is essential to make sure your website offers users the same user experience as they navigate through each platform on the page. Consistent branding helps companies to reinforce their brand in the minds of their target audience and visitors which leads to conversions. Keep in touch with your customers and keep them informed about the updates of your business.

2. Your Websites Needs New Functionality & Not SEO-friendly : To keep your business growing you need to focus on additional features that are required for the organization to keep it on par with their audience and the current trends. This helps to enhance the website experience better for the users. Also, if you not ranking in front of your prospective customers on the search engine then you’re sure to lose them. Our expert team of Digital Marketing professionals can audit your website and let you know what immediate action needs to be taken to help increase your ranking on search engines.

3. Your Competitors have Better Websites : Users check and interact with the brand online before choosing your product or service. They review your competitor websites too. So if your website is not user-friendly, responsive, attractive, easy to navigate, or has an outdated design then your business is less likely to get the attention and time of your target audience. If your website hasn’t been significantly redesigned in the last two years then it’s time for an overhaul. Otherwise, your business tends to lose the credibility of your potential customers.

4. Your website is slow & has security issues : One of the significant ranking factors for a website is speed and it has a great impact on your website’s overall performance. A study shows that even a second loading delay can result in a 12% decrease in page views and, an 18% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 40% of online searchers will discard a website that takes more than three seconds to load. If the loading speed of your website is high, then customers tend to leave and go to your competitor's website. So if your website has speed loading issues then you need to consult a web agency and take immediate action.

5. Your Website Needs Better User Experience : Providing an amazing User Experience is imperative to building a website and keeping an on the bounce rate, but many businesses fail to execute this. If your existing website doesn’t support the latest features and functionalities that are expected by a common user then impacts the overall user experience. The overall user interaction of the site will be affected due to low ranking, poor navigation, and less traffic resulting in the overall loss of business. You must get a UX audit from a web design company on the factors that are affecting the conversion from not hitting the target.

6. Your Website has Bad Conversion Rates : If there’s a significant drop-off in the website traffic and leads then it’s a clear indication that your visitors are not finding what they’re looking for, and its time for you to upgrade your website to bring them back. A sluggish website with poor navigation frustrates visitors, prompting them to abandon their search. Inconsistent sizing, mobile responsiveness, and lack of call to action make the users and bring a disconnection between your website offering and users’ expectations that make them abandon their search.

7. Your Business Brand and Audience has Changed : As your business grows and transforms so do the branding elements. Your website should be attractive and be a reflection of your brand. When you’re reviewing or developing new market strategies for adding new products or services to your business, you need to inform your customers about the latest update then you either update/redesign your website. Hence to keep your new audience informed and to boost sales, your new product or service update can be given through blog posts, videos, product images, etc. Communicate the changes to your target audience making it clear and easily understandable.

Get ready for a successful Website Redesign

Finally, if you feel that your website has any one of the above signs and is blocking your business growth then opting for a website redesign is your only option. In today’s digital world, owning an impressive website with the latest functionality is a vital marketing strategy to bring in more sales to your business. Get your website refurbished at PS Digitise Web redesign and development company. We can transform your site to perform well with our excellent web design services, thereby giving your online business a cutting-edge over your competitors.

Thanks for taking your precious time to read this blog and I hope you all like it!

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